Have you ever been to Suzdal?

English-speaking visitors - wherever you come from, we'll be pleased to guide you through Suzdal..

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Have you ever been to Suzdal?

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Hi, guys!
Have you ever visited Suzdal?
As I know foriegn guests prefer to come here with tourist groups by bus.
But it is so boring! You don't have free time to enjoy this fairy small town & to listen to its silence.
More over, if you want to know the place - the best way to do it is to communicate with locals.
Last year korean couple asked me to show them Suzdal. I did it. And you know it was the real pleasure for both parts.
By the way, I show the sights several times a month!
If you decide to visit Suzdal, Vladimir or any other city of the Golden Ring, please connect me.
My self-phone: +7-###-225-08-26

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